Earth Observation Data Scientist

Lobelia is a pioneering company in the use of Earth Observation satellites to address the climate emergency. We develop and operate services to study the state of the Earth’s resources, and provide key data for adaptation and mitigation measures in face of the climate crisis.

Lobelia’s team is composed of passionate experts in physics, earth sciences, graphic design, computer science, data visualisation, engineering and business. We apply this interdisciplinary knowledge to actual products people use and want to use. We work with trusted data providers and have a growing network of international collaborators that are as engaged as we are to drive for change.

Lobelia is looking for an Earth Observation Data Scientist to strengthen its core product team and participate, among others, in our long-term goal to facilitate world-wide access to climate and environmental risks assessment.

1. Why you should work at Lobelia

Satellite and climate data are becoming increasingly open access and free of charge, supporting the public and private sector in integrating systemically the human activities footprints on the earth system. However, in practical terms, handling these big earth observation data, combining physical prior knowledge and modelling the risks and derived compound impacts present technical and scientific limitations. At Lobelia, we build on the synergies of transversal fields/disciplines to tackle these inherent challenges. You will work closely with our senior earth observation and climate scientists, in collaboration with our software product team, and will be advised by our environmental experts, to ensure the coordination and fitness of solutions for the engaged stakeholders.

2. What you will do

Your primary role will be to contribute in implementing algorithms and building processing chains. At Lobelia, this means:

  • Technically assess and identify the most suitable satellite imagery, geospatial datasets and methodological approach
  • Collaborate on defining and applying innovative data collection, processing, validation, quality control strategies
  • Design and develop technical solutions/algorithms using geospatial data, with an operational mindset, for monitoring ecosystems and assessing related risks
  • Assist the preparation for image pre-processing of satellite data from multiple sources into optimised data cubes
  • Work in close collaboration with Geospatial Data engineers to build modules based on AI/ML/RS/GIS and big data
  • Prepare reports using integrated approaches including available open data and insights obtained from in house algorithms outputs
  • Contribute to the writing of projects proposals and concept notes
  • Support the preparation of training and workshop material, and information for meeting and conferences in various media formats (blog, speeches, map layouts, posters)

3. What you will bring

Must-haves include:

  • Msc degree in Remote Sensing and Data science
  • 4 years working experience in Remote Sensing and GIS with relevant experience in water resources products.
  • Geospatial data and metadata management and remote sensing imagery processing and analysis (raster, gridded and vector data)
  • Mastering geo data processing/data scientist libraries and packages (pandas, geopandas, sklearn, gdal, xarray, rasterio, rioxarray, tensorflow, keras, pytorch, numba + visualization libraries)
  • Experience in applied research in remote sensing (satellite and drone) and artificial intelligence
  • Capacity to report results to all levels of audiences
  • Fluent in English (writing/speaking)

Nice-to-haves include:

  • Cloud computing platforms experience
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Working knowledge of Spanish or willing to learn
  • PhD degree

4. What we offer

We offer a full-time, permanent position, with a competitive salary. The location for this vacancy is in Barcelona.

Our flexible working conditions do not only exist on paper. All of us take advantage of this flexibility and use it for a good work-life balance.

We offer challenging topics having a societal impact, the best gear to work on them, a stimulating and diverse working environment and an international network of trusted organisations, companies and experts we work with on a daily basis.

But above all, we offer the unique chance to work at the forefront of a social and economic movement to raise awareness on climate change and use evidence-based insights to cope with it in an effective way.

5. Tell us about you!

If you want to apply for this vacancy, send us an email at telling us about your past, present and ideal future work. Send us your résumé or portfolio, and show us something you’ve done that makes you feel great. We’ll also be very pleased to see some python code and resulting output analysis you have carried out.

Thanks for your interest! We can’t wait to hear from you.

  • Barcelona
  • Full-time, permanent position, with a competitive salary
  • Flexible working conditions