Copernicus and Sentinel data at your fingertips
Copernicus and Sentinel data at your fingertips
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Visit WEkEO

Lobelia, in collaboration with Mercator Ocean, ECMWF, EEA and EUMETSAT, has built the WEkEO Data Discovery Platform.

WEkEO is the EU Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) platform, the reference service for environmental data, virtual processing environments and expert user support.

Visit WEkEO
Visit WEkEO
Access data from the original source

WEkEO DIAS is a single distributed tool for accessing, visualising and analysing all Copernicus data and services, providing access to more than 200 datasets directly from the original sources.

WEkEO is built to help users run their processing chains as close as possible to the data they need without having to wait for huge downloads before even starting.


WEkEO includes datasets from Copernicus Marine, Land, Climate Change and Atmosphere services.

Lobelia is deeply involved in monitoring the various services, helping users in making the best out of the platform.

Virtual processing services and tools

Running on cloud infrastructure, WEkEO enables users to access Virtual Processing Environments at ultra high-speed including big-data analysis tools, to develop applications tailored to users’ specific needs.

WEkEO's API allow to integrate all data sources from a virtual station, a Jupyter Notebook or a desktop application of your choice, using homogeneous subsetting attributes.

Users support from
Top-scientific experts

Expert user support provided by the institutions that produce and manage Copernicus and Sentinel data is always at your service.


Do you want to know more about Lobelia’s expertise in data infrastructure and viewers design and implementation and management?

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