Is surface water availability changing?
Is surface water availability changing?

Did you know that surface waters can be monitored remotely anywhere in the world?

Water is one of the elements most affected by environmental changes. However, validated water data are not always accessible due to sparse in-situ monitoring networks in rivers.

Lobelia Earth uses satellite-based altimetry to monitor the hydrological evolution of an unprecedented number of water basins everywhere in the world as it was never possible before.

Unmatched global coverage with Earth Observations

Lobelia combines innovative virtual stations on-demand and validated Earth Observation (EO) data to create accurate water level time series for thousands of rivers and lakes across the globe.

This approach enables Lobelia to map ungauged areas in remote and insecure locations, offering full global monitoring coverage, independent from weather or local conditions.

International excellence in altimetry expertise
Integrated datasets from ESA, NASA and CNES
How will water availability change?

Climate change effects including variations in precipitation patterns and increase of temperatures are affecting the seasonal dynamics of streamflows.

Lobelia provides future projections of water availability and river discharge over the world to support resilience and adaptation plans from national to asset level.

Access information where gauge stations are missing

Lobelia provides Level-3 water level time series data, spanning from 2009 up to today, delivered to you in a user-friendly web interface, compatible with any device.

Lobelia water level products are based on solid and proven EO expertise and supported by isardSAT, a Support Laboratory for the European Space Agency and part of the consortium that developed Sentinel-6 altimetry processing algorithm.

Water level for climate resilience

Covering an unrivaled number of locations in the world, Lobelia Water Level enables informed and effective decision-making processes.

In a very fast-changing environment where water is an extremely sensitive element, Lobelia water unlocks the capability to increase resilience and prevent potential hazards related to floods and droughts.

Hydropower and energy supply
Flood risk and hydrological modeling
Agriculture and food production
Financial and risk investment
Urban and infrastructure resilience
Including data from Jason-2/3, Sentinel-3, CryoSat-2 and the recent Sentinel-6
Highest number of measurements available for water level, covering also remote locations
Independent from cloud coverage and light conditions with SAR technology
High-accuracy water extent maps and up-to-date information as soon as new satellite data is available
Internationally-recognized expertise in altimetry
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