Satellite data helps turn cities green
Satellite data helps turn cities green
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Air pollution is a serious problem traced to 3 million deaths worldwide every year. It causes yearly costs to cities in the order of billions of euros and negatively affects cities liveability, agriculture and many other aspects of our lives which we are not aware of.

Lobelia operates the AirQast platform, a high quality service offering a portfolio of air quality products derived from satellite data.

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Addressing the global
Urgent need for clean air

Often local air quality is not well known due to the sparseness of the official monitoring network, or unrealistic assumptions being made in urban air quality models (such as vehicle emission factors).

Originating from a European H2020 project, AirQast includes some of the most renowned European actors in air pollution research and address the need for accurate air quality measurements in urban environments.

Inventories, forecast and simulations

AirQast offers:

  • Monthly regional emission inventories from satellites at 1-km resolution
  • Scenario simulations to evaluate the impact of air quality measures in cities/regions and plan accordingly.
  • Hourly air quality forecasts up to 3 ​days in advance, with proved increased accuracy compared to existing forecasting systems
Emission estimates refined with downscaling techniques
Integration of emission estimation of local pollution sources for higher accuracy
Scenario simulation of local policies implementation
Forecasts up to 48h
Exclusive street-level resolution

The RETINA system interpolates local in-situ measurements including sensors with low accuracy with satellite observations, providing high resolution maps of pollution concentrations at street level. When combined with meteorological forecasts, RETINA produces detailed urban air quality forecasts.

Using Sentinel-5P data

The Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute KNMI is the Lead Investigator of Tropomi instrument which monitors atmospheric gases from the ESA Sentinel-5P satellite. Lobelia and KNMI have been collaborating for more than 4 years to offer breakthrough scientifically validated air quality products.

Explore AirQast methodology.

Global coverage, with street level resolution.
Validated methodology with transparent performance results.
Pollutants modelled: NO2, PM2.5, PM10, O3
Emissions classified by four sourcing sectors: industry, transport, power and residential.
Data analytics and interactive viewer.
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Are you interested in knowing more about air quality services for urban pollutions?

Lobelia provides street level resolution data in any city in the world.

Visit our section Air to explore more case studies or contact us for more information.

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