Economic impact of extreme storms
Economic impact of extreme storms
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Lobelia and PwC joined the forces to assess the economic impact of extreme storms in the next 50 years.

Through the combination of different types of observation-based data and climate models, Lobelia developed future projection of climate scenarios to assess the probability of occurrence of extreme events.

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We use physical observations

Lobelia uses a combination of satellite observations, reanalysis datasets and climate models to provide highly accurate data for each area of interest.

Lobelia used AI techniques to identify patterns in climate models that correlate with the temporal density of extreme events in the past. The data were then used to estimate economic losses incurred by critical infrastructure by PwC.

For accurate risk assessments
Local data is essential

The evolution in time of the probabilities of occurrence differs substantially depending on the event and the location. Specific studies are required in every context to obtain optimal results for each extreme event category.

Access data in remote locations

Data sources include leading European meteorological agencies, ECMWF, Sentinel imageries and various local data providers. Earth Observation data provide accurate and consistent measurements based on real observations, also in remote locations.

At the forefront of climate action

Extreme events including extraordinary winds, cyclones and extreme storms are becoming more frequent and intense. Humanity is already in threat, and immediate actions are needed.

Lobelia is a pioneering company in the use of satellite data for the assessment of climate risk. Lobelia is part of CCRI, the international Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment, working to develop tools to include climate risk into financial decision-making and investments.

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Lobelia provides different type of climate risk data to support your business and Country in building resilience and act to fight climate change.

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