Biomass monitoring at the tree level
Biomass monitoring at the tree level
Drylands - Worldwide

Lobelia’s BiomassTrack is an innovative technology to monitor individual trees at a high resolution, supporting nature based solutions, including CO₂ offsetting initiatives. With the use of satellite and blockchain technologies the platform ensures full transparency and neutrality of monitoring chains.

Our solution contributes to foster sustainable development and fight climate change involving local communities in specific locations.

Robust AI-based methods

Satellite technology enables continuous monitoring of large areas. By leveraging state-of-the-art AI methodologies, tree, local and regional level assessments can be done at an affordable cost.

The information gathered is used to calculate the CO₂ sequestred in the selected location along with growth and health metrics.

And a blockchain system for transparency

A blockchain accountability system can be integrated to report carbon and monetary transactions linked to the Payments for Environmental Services (PES).

Coupled with EO, blockchain enables full transparency, neutrality and traceability of the whole chain.

Social benefits for local communities

Benefits deriving from land-regreening activities with state-of-the-art technologies to foster sustainable development of local communities while fighting the effects of climate change is a great model of sustainable development.

Validation of AI algorithms using in situ measurements by field experts.
Ability to directly link farmers and owners to their monitored lands and trees and register via Blockchain.
Aggregation of qualitative and quantitative data in a multi-user platform.
Scalable technology able to monitor from small properties to very large and hard to reach territories.
Detection of biomass at high resolution: unveiling the importance of undermonitored ecosystems.

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