Climate Impact Scientist

Lobelia is a pioneering company in the use of Earth Observation satellites to address the climate emergency. We develop and operate services to assess the state of those components of the climate system that have a critical impact on our society. Components like the exposure to present and future climate extremes, the quantification of water availability, the monitoring of carbon sequestration or the quantification of biodiversity are good examples of analysis we do providing key data for adaptation and mitigation measures in face of climate change.

Lobelia’s team is composed of passionate experts in physics, earth sciences, graphic design, computer science, data visualization, engineering and business. We apply this interdisciplinary knowledge to actual products people use and want to use. We work with trusted data providers and have a growing network of international collaborators that are as engaged as we are to drive for change.

Lobelia is looking for a Climate Impact Scientist to strengthen its scientific team.

1. Why you should work at Lobelia

Nature has been left out of the economic equation for too long, and recent efforts to address the situation have sometimes led to a great deal of greenwashing. But we’re in acute need: climate impacts have a cost, biodiversity has a value, and the sooner we all figure out a way to introduce these elements in the value chain, the better we will be able to achieve a really sustainable world.

At Lobelia we combine observational datasets, advanced models and AI to provide inputs for the financial market. If you know an awful lot about climate, climate impacts, or vulnerable complex systems (transportation, energy, communications), we need your help.

2. What you will do

One of the main tasks of Lobelia is to fill the gap between the Academia generation of knowledge and the specific Industry requirements regarding climate information. We are currently performing solid and operational analysis based on state-of-the-art science to provide valuable data describing the exposure to diverse climate hazards globally. We want to extend this approach to quantify the potential climate impacts that these extreme events might have on different types of infrastructures and natural environments.

Your primary role will be to perform science-based impact analysis combining the climate data already generated by the scientific team with the physical characteristics of assets considered. You will work within the scientific team and be supported by the technical team with the aim to build a robust and operational methodology that can be deployed systematically. One of the most recurrent types of climate analysis we do is related to water; such as the occurrence of droughts, the related water availability, river discharge estimates for hydropower plants, and, riverine and coastal floodings. However, our projects also account for other very diverse hazards like extreme wind, wildfires or marine storms. For this reason, a key skill required for this position is the ability to develop new approaches and robust qualitative methodologies to solve distinct types of problems.

Your tasks will include:

  • Research, development and selection of analysis tools and relevant datasets (i.e. structural vulnerability functions, fragility curves, response and vulnerability analysis models, ...) for the identified infrastructures and solutions.
  • Identification of local civil infrastructure (i.e. bridges, railways, roads...) and connected behaviours of interdependent systems (including infrastructures and nature-based solutions) in different areas worldwide, with special focus on Europe.
  • Investigation of existing climate resilience and adaptation strategies.
  • Identification and selection of physical climate risk assessment guidelines (i.e. JRC, STREST, ...) and relevant vulnerability analysis frameworks.
  • Definition and implementation of metrics for the evaluation of the physical climate impact, particularly in infrastructures and in Nature-based solutions (NBS).
  • Execution of scenario simulations (stress test) based on single and multiple hazards projections developed by the scientific team, to identify exposure to threats and vulnerabilities at the asset level, and the possible consequences of cascading effects/failures on a regional scale.
  • Quantification of physical damage associated with each relevant climate hazard at the asset and regional level, with a focus on monetary losses, in support of economic impact assessments.
  • Provide support in communication, preparation of events, literature review and proposal writing for climate vulnerability topics.
  • Assess client needs in relation to climate impact, formulate technical approaches, work on publications/technical papers and deliver presentations.
  • Hands-on experience with the insurance, investment and or engineering sectors.

3. What you will bring

Must-haves include:

  • Master's or PhD degree in earth science (particularly in hydrology), engineering (preferably structural, civil, environmental, or mechanical), energy resources, geography, economics, environmental policy, or a related field.
  • Strong experience and knowledge in climate change risk assessments, climate impact modelling and preferably in flooding analysis, adaptation and vulnerability topics (for example, the IPCC domain), climate scenarios and projected changes, and the climate-energy economy.
  • Solid experience in coding (preferably in Python) and a good understanding of statistics.
  • Experience in geospatial analysis, data science or simulation models (particularly hydrological) related to the environmental and socio-economic impacts of climate change, including the impact on infrastructure.
  • Strong technical skills and experience with data and quantitative methods and analysis.
  • A creative mindset with a strong motivation to solve analytical problems in a logical and data-driven manner.
  • Interest in developing decision-support tools.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of French is also appreciated.
  • Positive attitude, always committed to success and being part of a team.

4. What we offer

We offer a full-time, permanent position, with a competitive salary. The location for this vacancy is Barcelona. Our flexible working conditions do not only exist on paper. All of us take advantage of this flexibility and use it for a good work-life balance.

We offer challenging topics having a societal impact, the best gear to work on them, a stimulating and diverse working environment and an international network of trusted organisations, companies and experts we work with on a daily basis.

But above all, we offer the unique chance to work at the forefront of a social and economic movement to raise awareness of climate change and use evidence-based insights to cope with it in an effective way.

5. Tell us about you!

If you want to apply for this vacancy, send us an email at telling us about your past, present and ideal future work. Send us your résumé or portfolio, and show us something you’ve worked on that makes you feel great.

Thanks for your interest! We can’t wait to hear from you.

  • Barcelona
  • Full-time, permanent position, with a competitive salary
  • Flexible working conditions