Lobelia past climate explorer
Lobelia past climate explorer
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Lobelia has developed an interactive, easy-to-understand map to browse global climate.

Based on ERA5 datasets, Lobelia Climate explorer enable you to navigate worldwide and explore relevant climate data like temperature, relative humidity, warm night and more.

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Climate information worldwide

Choose a location by clicking on the map or by inserting the coordinate and start to explore how different climate variables evolved over the past.

Intuitive graphics and accurate analytics

Lobelia past climate explorer provides information on temperature, precipitation, warm nights, rainy days, relative humidity, wind speed and many more.

Select if you want to see the maximum, minimum or average value per year or per month. Through intuitive graphics, Lobelia provides easy and seamless data access and download in any location of the world.

ERA5 dataset explained

The climate explorer uses ERA5 reanalysis dataset from ECMWF. ERA5 combines vast amounts of historical observations into global estimates using advanced modelling and data assimilation systems.


Lobelia enables climate action through the provision of accurate and advanced climate analytics and user-oriented interfaces for data access.

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