Front-End Software Developer

Lobelia is a pioneering company in the use of Earth Observation satellites to address the climate emergency. We develop and operate services to study the state of the Earth’s resources, and provide key data for adaptation and mitigation measures in face of the climate crisis.

Lobelia’s team is composed of passionate experts in physics, earth sciences, graphic design, computer science, data visualisation, engineering and business. We apply this interdisciplinary knowledge to actual products people use and want to use. We work with trusted data providers and have a growing network of international collaborators that are as engaged as we are to drive for change.

Lobelia is looking for a Front-End Software Developer to strengthen its product team.

1. Why you should work at Lobelia

Do you love working with engaging tools? And maybe you even have a passion for maps? You are in the right place.

In Lobelia we believe in the key importance of designing engaging interfaces to drive climate action. We are passionate about creating new ways to engage the users and support their understanding of climate science through interactive and appealing interfaces.

Also, we have a strong passion for maps. And if you can name the three administrative units that always cause headaches to digital cartographers (yes, those: Fiji, Russia and above all: Antarctica), this definitely can be a job for you. We’re passionate about creating the fastest, most beautiful maps and graphs to explore climate datasets and satellite imagery. Mapbox and Google Maps were too limited for our needs, so we built our own multi-projection mapping engine, TeroMaps.

Come and help us reach the next level in geospatial data exploration.

2. What you will do

We’re looking for a JavaScript Front-End Developer that loves the web, has a good eye for design and UX, and likes to deliver polished products that are ready to be published.

Your tasks will include:

  • Co-designing, developing, deploying and maintaining different React-based websites managed by the company
  • Contributing to the development of the user interface of our web-based data visualisation applications. This usually means working with mapping engines and dataviz libraries, as well as integrating data from different APIs.
  • Compilation and refinement of specifications and technical requirements based on the needs of each project, in collaboration with commercial and technical team
  • Testing the web applications in the most common combination of operating systems and browsers, including desktop devices (yes, we take the testing with mobile devices for granted)
  • Setting up the collection of user events to understand the usage of the deployed services
  • Configuring the web applications for deployment both to staging and production environments, and keeping the internal documentation up-to-date with these configurations
  • Collaboration with graphic designers to realize visual design intent also by exploring emerging technologies and industry trends and integrating them into the company's activities.

3. What you will bring

Must-haves include:

  • Experience in developing JavaScript-based web applications with the React UI framework
  • Good knowledge of HTML5 and the semantics of its elements
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS3 and its different layout models
  • Passion for design, UX and usability
  • Focus on detail, not just for pixel-perfect web designs, but also for cross-browser compatibility and optimum rendering performance
  • Effective interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills.

Nice-to-haves include:

  • A master’s degree in Computer Science or similar
  • Experience working with SVG and Canvas elements
  • Familiarity with TypeScript
  • Knowledge of isomorphic web applications (e.g. with Next.js)
  • Experience with server-side JavaScript running on Node.js (e.g. designing and implementing APIs, developing algorithms, accessing back-end services and databases).

4. What we offer

We offer a full-time, permanent position, with a competitive salary. The location for this vacancy is in Barcelona. Our flexible working conditions do not only exist on paper. All of us take advantage of this flexibility and use it for a good work-life balance.

We offer challenging topics having a societal impact, the best gears to work on them, a stimulating and diverse working environment and an international network of trusted organisations, companies and experts we work with on a daily basis.

But above all, we offer the unique chance to work at the forefront of a social and economic movement to raise awareness on climate change and use evidence-based insights to cope with it in an effective way.

5. Tell us about you!

If you want to apply for this vacancy, send us an email at telling us about your past, present and ideal future work. Send us your résumé or portfolio, and show us something you’ve worked on that makes you feel great. Oh, and we’re curious: show us some OSS you’ve created or how you set up your IDE.

Salary conditions will be adapted to the selected candidate. Both young and seasoned profiles are very welcome!

Thanks for your interest! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Funded by the European Union (Next Generation EU) through the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) of the Government of Catalonia.

  • Barcelona
  • Full-time, permanent position, with a competitive salary
  • Flexible working conditions